Controversies in Childbirth Conference, Dallas Ft. Worth Texas, March 27-29 - Forth Worth Convention Center - A National Forum for Discussing and Debating Differing Viewpoints on Today's Childbirth Practices
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Of Interest to Everyone:
Is the Current U.S. Maternity Care System Sustainable?
Hospitals are closing their maternity wards. Obstetricians are leaving practice. Enrollment in midwifery schools is declining. Births paid by Medicaid 40% and rising. Patients’ options are restricted. Malpractice premiums are out of sight. How much longer can this go on? Will the system crumble or are solutions on the horizon?
Controversies in Childbirth: An Overview
A full-ranging panel discussion with national representatives of hospitals, obstetricians, nurse-midwives, obstetrical nurses, homebirth midwives, doulas, and insurers and payors. 
"Whose Fault Was It?" The First Step to Poor Health Care
No other area of medicine has as much litigation and judgment potential as delivering babies. Yet physicians, hospitals, midwives and other ancillary providers seem to point fingers at each other at every incident. This seminar will discuss how other time-critical fields deal with these problems much better than American medicine.
ACOG Guidelines vs. Everyone Else
Physicians follow ACOG guidelines, yet birth advocates such as midwives, doulas and nurses (and 3 recent movies) claim that best evidence and best practice are not being followed. Who is right?
Can Normal Birth Be Cost Effective?
With OBs leaving obstetrics, hospitals experiencing nursing shortages and closing maternity units due to financial losses, inductions and c-sections are used to stem the tide of red ink. Can hospitals and physicians accommodate and encourage normal birth and still keep the accountants happy?
Mock Hearing: Motion for Forced Cesarean Section
There are indications that the fetus is in trouble. Doctors advise an immediate c-section. The mother refuses. Off to court they go. This dramatization will include real attorneys, judges and possibly expert witnesses. See how both sides make their case and a decision is reached. 
Birth Models That Work - Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD
In her soon to be released book, Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD examines what she considers to be optimal birth models from around the world. In this debut presentation, she will analyze the characteristics of these models and how to integrate them into the American system.
Birth Statistics: The REAL Story!
Is the U.S. among the worst industrialized nations for maternal-infant care or do we lead the world? This session will help shed light on the truths behind the statistics and PR war.
Is There Anything Wrong with a 60% Cesarean Rate?
Some U.S. hospitals in metropolitan areas have cesarean rates approaching 60%. Birth activists point to WHO's 15% guideline as proof that this is outrageously high, while some OBs point to elective cesareans as proof that the 15% figure is irrelevant. These issues will be discussed and debated.

What is the Truth about VBACs? 
Are all women who have had a previous c-section automatically high risk, or is the evidence being misinterpreted? 

Vaccination Questions: How Should You Answer?
With educated affluent parents researching and choosing to delay or withhold vaccinating their children, obstetricians, nurses and other birth professionals are being asked their opinion. This debate between opposing sides will help guide your answers.
Getting Your Message Heard by 18-35 Year Old Women
Your company spends money on marketing, websites, mailing lists, and other advertising, yet your message is it is not being heard by your target market. Marketing to 40 year olds is completely different than messages to 20 year olds. See what works, what doesn't and what the future holds.
Advising Your Patient/Client about Cord Blood Banking
Representatives of various cord blood companies will explain what the future holds, and what the differences are in this new technology. Also, the anti-cord blood perspective will be presented.
Of Interest to Physicians:
Get Out, Stay In, or Get Back In?
Many OBs have left obstetrics. Some are considering leaving and others are thinking about going back in as a way to get more patients for their practice. This session will explore the various thought processes with an emphasis on financial ramifications.
Is Cosmetic Surgery a Way for OB Offices to Turn a Profit?
This seminar will examine how practices have utilized their patient base to do cosmetic surgery, thus offsetting financial losses from delivering babies.
What Will “Pay for Performance” Look Like in BirthCare?
With “pay for performance” being the current buzzword, this seminar will look at what factors are being considered for calculating “pay for performance” as it relates to birth.

Why Do Some Obstetricians Own or Back Up Freestanding Birth Centers?
We will hear from obstetricians who have founded or purchased freestanding birth centers as well as acting as backup for these centers. Profitability and liability will be discussed.
Of Interest to Midwives:
"Low Risk": The Noose around the Midwife's Neck
Most statutes define the “midwifery scope of practice” as caring for low risk pregnancies and deliveries. Does the term "low risk" unnecessarily limit a midwife’s practice and provide an unnecessary catalyst for lawsuits and complaints? Would a change in terms to "anticipating vaginal delivery" make more sense for the profession?
Are CNMs Over-Educated? Are CPMs Under-Educated?
CNMs must obtain a Master's degree, while CPMs do not even need to have a high school diploma. Does a midwife need higher education to be a safe and effective practitioner, or does too much education make you a less effective practitioner? What really counts in midwifery education? 
Is Home Birth a Viable Solution to Current Problems in Obstetrics?
Is home birth a safe human right or just the latest fad and cause célèbre? Many homebirth midwives believe that hospitals do more harm than good during labor and birth, while many physicians believe that having your baby at home is tantamount to child abuse. Can common ground be found between these polar opposites?
Should Midwifery Cut Its Ties to Nursing?
Nurse-midwives have historically been proud of their nursing background. But is nursing strangling midwifery through regulations from nursing boards and insistence on requiring a doctoral degree for all advanced practice nurses by 2010? Meanwhile the number of Certified Professional Midwives is growing more rapidly than the number of CNMs. The question must be asked!
Of Interest to Nurses:
Congenial Relationships with Doulas, Gurus and Other Visitors
The family has been planning the birth experience for 9 months and your hospital encourages participation. Women are hiring advisors from labor doulas, reiki healers, hypnotists, energy mavens and clairvoyants. How should you interact with them? When is it appropriate to ask them to leave, and when are your own prejudices shining through? 
Innocent Victim: Whose Side Will You Be On?
A baby is born with birth injuries – on your watch. A lawsuit is filed. You feel bad because you believe the baby should be able to get her medical bills covered, but you don't think anyone involved with the birth committed malpractice. Will your inner emotions affect your testimony in the case?
Advocating for Patients against Their Physicians
Your L&D patient is healthy and educated. The OB is recommending certain procedures and she asks your advice. How can you ensure that women have enough information to choose wisely and advocate for themselves when these elective procedures are suggested by their physicians?
Of Interest to Doulas, Educators, and Lactation Consultants:
Should Hospitals Censure Childbirth Education?
Childbirth educators employed by hospitals have long complained that they are not free to teach what they believe to be the truth about childbirth, saying that they are forced to teach drug-promoting propaganda. Is it unethical for hospitals to censure the message or is it unethical for educators to color the truth under orders from their employer?
Doctors and Doulas: Can They Get Along?
Why do some OBs like working with doulas while others can't stand them? What is a doula's appropriate role vis-à-vis the OB? Are doulas really making births better, or just making moms feel better about their births? 
Is Marketing Infant Formula to Consumers Really Unethical, or Do Breastfeeding Advocates Have Their Own Agenda? 
In the U.S. breast milk substitutes (formula) are a heavily advertised commodity. Breastfeeding advocates say that this hurts breastfeeding and violates the World Health Organization code. Formula companies believe the advocates have their own agenda and that the code does not apply to developed countries. Opposing sides will explore this hot issue.
Are Doulas Redundant in Midwifery Care?
Midwife means "with woman." Doulas are there to assist the woman during birth. Is this necessary? Do midwives need help? Do doulas protect mothers from midwives? Are doulas in the way during midwifery care? A fascinating discussion.
Of Interest to Hospital Administrators & Payors:
Maximizing Profits from In-Hospital Birth Centers and Midwifery Practices
Many hospitals operate birth centers and midwifery practices, and often find that reimbursements are abysmal. A former hospital administrator will explain methods of maximizing the profitability of these birth alternatives.
They Want What They See in the Movies! What’s a Hospital to Do?
With at least 3 documentaries concerning birth making the rounds, hospitals face the dilemma of satisfying consumer demand when this demand is based on movies. What requests should hospitals accommodate and when should they tell the potential patient to find someplace else?
How Much Longer Can We Absorb These Losses?
L&D may represent only 2% of a hospital’s revenue and exceed 50% of its malpractice payouts. Hear how facilities cope with the tough decision to keep their doors open.
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